How I Survived my First Week of Coding Bootcamp

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Congratulations you’ve been accepted into coding bootcamp! Great, but now what?

For me, there was a lot of stress. I spent six months teaching myself to code, and spent another 100 hours before my bootcamp started working on pre-work, and, of course, the pre-work was in a language I didn’t know. So step one was to breathe and just remember to take it one step at a time.

The next thing was to just keep up with the work, it may seem elementary, but part of taking it one step at a time was just managing my workflow; and making sure that I didn’t get overwhelmed.

Also, asking questions. If you have a question or if you’re confused about a topic, ask someone. My teachers and coaches were always willing to provide insight into the topics we were covering, and that helped me feel more secure.

Finally, take time for yourself. Even though in my first week I found myself working from 9 AM to 9 PM, I would try to find little bits of time that I could just take a few minutes for myself, to just take a quick break, put my computer down and just sit. This in turn helped me to manage my stress levels so that I could go back to my computer and look at a problem with fresh eyes.

These are just a couple of things that helped me during my first week, I hope that it helps give you some insight into what to expect.

Computer Support Tech turned Software Developer

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